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2024 - AprSpectroscopic confirmation of 9 SB2 systems of two Cepheids We confirmed spectroscopically binarity of nine double Cepheids, 2 in the LMC, 5 in the SMC and 2 in the Milky Way. This increased the number of known binary double (BIND) Cepheids from 1 to 10. Several interesting conclusions are provided.
2022 - DecDiscovery of a binary Cepheid with a 59-d orbital period A discovery of a very surprising configuration of a binary-origin Cepheid in a binary system with the orbital period 5 times shorter than any measured before. The companion is almost 2 times more massive but at a similar evolutionary stage.
2021 - AprRevealing a numerous group of SB2 Cepheids Presenting a new method for detecting spectroscopically double-lined binary Cepheids. We present first results that prove the method is very efficient. We detected 16 new Cepheids in SB2 systems, quadrupling the number of such systems.
2018 - NovDynamical mass of a type-II Cepheid in a system with a disk First determination of the dynamical mass and evolutionary status of the type-II Cepheid in the eclipsing binary system OGLE-LMC-T2CEP-211. A presence of at least double-ring disk was detected.
2018 - JulAstrophysics of Cepheids in eclipsing binary systems New and updated physical parameters for 7 Cepheids in eclipsing binary systems. Various astrophysical relations are presented, including period-mass-radius relation. New and updated p-factor values are also given.
2017 - JunPeculiar W Vir type Cepheid mass determination First determination of the mass and the projection factor for the Cepheid OGLE-LMC-T2CEP-098 in a binary system. The star has many properties characteristic for Anomalous Cepheids.
2015 - DecMass determination for classical FU Cepheid Precise mass determination for a classical Cepheid in the double-lined, highly eccentric eclipsing binary system OGLE-LMC562.05.9009
2015 - JunFirst-overtone Cepheid mass determination First determination of the mass and the projection factor for the first-overtone Cepheid OGLE-LMC-CEP-2532 in a binary system.
2014 - MayBinary system of two Cepheids Binary system OGLE-LMC-CEP-1718 composed of two classical FO Cepheids confirmed spectroscopically and analized.
2013 - DecFirst dynamical p-factor determination First determination of the projection factor from the analysis of eclipsing binary systems for the Cepheid OGLE-LMC-CEP-0227 together with very precise physical parameters.