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Classical Cepheids in Double-lined Binary (SB2) Systems

Masses of classical Cepheids of 3 to 11 M⊙ are predicted by theory but those measured clump between 3.6 to 5 M⊙. As a result, their mass-luminosity relation is poorly constrained, impeding our understanding of basic stellar physics and the Leavitt Law. All Cepheid masses come from the analysis of 11 binary systems, including only 5 double-lined and well-suited for accurate dynamical mass determination. We started a project to analyze a new, numerous group of Cepheids in double-lined binary (SB2) systems to provide mass determinations in a wide mass interval and study their evolution.

Main results

Most relevant publications

Cepheids with giant companions. II. Spectroscopic confirmation of nine new double-lined binary systems composed of two Cepheids
Pilecki, B.; Thompson, I. B.; Espinoza-Arancibia, F.; Hajdu, G.; Gieren, W.; Taormina, M.; Pietrzyński, G.; Narloch, W.; Bono, G.; Gallenne, A.; Kervella, P.; Wielgórski, P.; Zgirski, B.; Graczyk, D.; Karczmarek, P.; Evans, N. R.
2024, A&A, arxiv:2403.12390 - More information
Discovery of a binary-origin classical Cepheid in a binary system with a 59-day orbital period
Pilecki B., Thompson, I. B., Espinoza-Arancibia, F., Anderson R. I., Gieren W., Narloch W., Minniti, J., Pietrzyński G., Taormina M., Bono, G., Hajdu, G.
2022, ApJL, 940, L48 - More information
Cepheids with giant companions. I. Revealing a numerous population of double-lined binary Cepheids
Pilecki B., Pietrzyński G., Anderson R., Gieren W., Taormina M., Narloch W., Evans N., Storm J.
2021, ApJ, 910, 118 - More information

Relevant conference publications

Cepheids with giant companions: A new, abundant source of Cepheid astrophysics
Bogumił Pilecki
2024, Proceedings of the IAU, 376, 150
Revealing a numerous population of double-lined binary Cepheids
Bogumił Pilecki
2022, Proceedings of the PAS, 12, 174

Related publications

Empirical instability strip for classical Cepheids. I. The Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy
Espinoza, F.; Pilecki, B.; Pietrzyński, G.; Smolec, R.; Kervella, P.
2024, A&A, 682, 185
Studies of RR Lyrae Variables in Binary Systems. I. Evidence of a Trimodal Companion Mass Distribution
Hajdu G., Pietrzyński G., Jurcsik J., Catelan M., Karczmarek P., Pilecki B., Soszyński I., Udalski A., Thompson I.
2021, ApJ, 915, 50


We gratefully acknowledge financial support for this work from the Polish National Science Centre grant SONATA BIS 2020/38/E/ST9/00486.

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