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This is me and my wife in 2004 , during a family visit to my son in San Diego. Photo by Antoni Krasiński, my son.

See a sample of what I do for a living here .

The list of my scientific publications, sorted by type, is accessible here .

The same list of publications, with links to the texts of the papers, is accessible here .

The chronologically ordered list of research and review publications is accessible here . It does not include popular articles, editorial notes, book reviews, etc.

See a very friendly review of the second book in The Observatory .

This is the short resume of my scientific career.

This is the list of lectures and seminars that I delivered to foreign audiences.

This is the list of international scientific meetings that I attended.

My career began at the Department of Physics (then - Mathematics and Physics) of the Warsaw University, where I studied in the years 1964 - 1969. See here what an excellent company I was in. (That page is mostly in Polish, but it contains the list of names of my fellow-students.)

Effective work in science requires frequent contacts with colleagues working in different countries, and travels to meetings in other countries. In the communist times, such contacts and travels were not quite easy. A first-hand brief report on the kind of difficulties we faced can be found here .

My activities related to the mountains are briefly described here .

Main impressions from my travels are summarised here .

The pictures of my family will be accessible here (in preparation). The temporary files are here

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