Multi-mode, non-radial and modulated pulsation of RR Lyrae stars and Cepheids

projectOPUS, DEC-2012/05/B/ST9/03932
fundingPolish National Science Center, NCN
PIRadosław Smolec
Co-IsPaweł Moskalik
Wojciech Dziembowski
Henryka Netzel
dates01.2013 - 08.2016, finished

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Project Highlights

Refereed Publications

Conference Publications


  • 2016, Angra do Heroismo, Terceira-Acores, Seismology of the Sun and the Distant Stars 2016, Joint TASC2 & KASC9 Workshop - SPACEINN & HELAS8 Conference, 11-15 July; www
    Nonradial oscillations in classical pulsators. Prospects for seismology; poster (W. Dziembowski and R. Smolec)
  • 2015, Visegrad, RRL2015 High-precision studies of RR Lyrae stars: from dynamical phenomena to mapping the galactic structure, 18-22 October; www
    Nonradial oscillations in classical pulsating stars. Predictions and Discoveries; invited talk (W. Dziembowski)
    Nonradial modes in RR Lyrae stars from the OGLE Catalogue; contributed talk (H. Netzel)
    Blazhko effect in double-mode RR Lyrae stars of the OGLE survey; contributed talk (R. Smolec)
    RR Lyrae Stars with Blazhko Modulations in the OGLE Catalogue; poster (K. Bąkowska and R. Smolec)
  • 2015, Gdańsk Sobieszewo, Science with BRITE-Constellation: initial results, 14-18 September; www
    What can we learn about classical pulsators with BRITE and how can BRITE be optimally used to study classical pulsators?; invited talk (R. Smolec)
  • 2015, Poznań, XXXVII Meeting of the Polish Astronomical Society, 7-10 September; www
    Blazhko Effect in Single- and Double-Mode RR Lyrae Stars; invited talk (R. Smolec)
  • 2015, Honolulu, IAU XXIX General Assembly, 3-14 August; www
    RR Lyrae stars: New discoveries in the OGLE data; contributed talk, (R. Smolec, H. Netzel, I. Soszynski)
  • 2015, Aarhus, The KASC8/TASC1 Workshop, Space Asteroseismology: The next generation, 15-19 June; www
    RR Lyrae stars: new discoveries in the OGLE photometry; poster, (R. Smolec, H. Netzel, P. Moskalik, I. Soszynski)
  • 2014, Beijing, The LAMOST - Kepler Workshop, 18-22 August; www
    OGLE photometry - an invaluable resource for stellar statistical and case studies; invited talk, (R. Smolec)
  • 2014, Toulouse, The Space Photometry Revolution CoRoT Symposium 3, Kepler KASC-7 joint meeting, 6-11 July; www
    Survey of hydrodynamic RR Lyrae models; poster
  • 2013, Wroclaw, IAU Symposium No. 301: Precision Asteroseismology: Celebration of the Scientific Opus of Wojtek Dziembowski, 19-23 August; www
    Mode selection in pulsating stars; invited talk, (R. Smolec)
    Multimode oscillations in classical Cepheids and RR Lyrae stars - new results; invited talk, (P. Moskalik)
  • 2013, Warszawa, XXXVI Meeting of the Polish Astronomical Society, 11-14 September; www
    Dwie niezwykłe gwiazdy pulsujące; contributed talk, (R. Smolec)
  • 2013, Nice, Araucaria meeting, August
    Improving Models of Pulsating Stars; invited talk, (R. Smolec)

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