The Orion Nebula:

A Laboratory for the Study of Star Formation and Gaseous Nebulae

2nd NCAC Symposium
Warsaw, Poland, 16-18 July 2012



Registered participants

  1. Abel, Nick: "Physical Conditions in Orion's Veil" Show abstract
  2. Alves, Joao: "Orion Nebula Cluster Revisited: the foreground population" Show abstract
  3. Arab, Heddy: "The Orion Bar seen by Herschel" Show abstract
  4. Ascasibar, Yago: "Hydrostatic models of the Orion Bar" Show abstract
  5. Esteban, Cesar: "The Orion nebula: a reference for ionized gas phase abundance determinations" Show abstract
  6. Ferland, Gary: "Photoionization modelling of the Orion nebula" Show abstract
  7. Flores-Fajardo, Nahiely: "Ionization-hydrodynamic models of the Orion proplyds as a tool for gas-phase abundance determinations" - N. Flores-Fajardo and W. J. Henney Show abstract
  8. Forbrich, Jan: "High-energy Emission from Young Stars in the Orion Nebula - the Radio and X-ray Views" Show abstract
  9. Garcia-Rojas, Jorge: "M43, the little sister of the Orion Nebula" Show abstract
  10. Henney, William J.: "Dynamics of the Orion Nebula" Show abstract
  11. Korytko, Roman: "Determination of energy distribution in ionizing radiation spectrum of the Orion Nebula" Show abstract
  12. Luridiana, Valentina: "Fluorescence in Orion" Show abstract
  13. Menten, Karl: "Star Formation in the Orion Molecular Cloud System and the BN/KL Region" Show abstract
  14. Mesa-Delgado, Adal: "Effects of Herbig-Haro objects and bars on the oxygen abundance in the Orion Nebula" Show abstract
  15. Mikołajewska, Joanna
  16. Morisset, Christophe: "Fluorescence in Orion" - Ch. Morisset, M. Nunez, C. Esteban, A. Mesa-Delgado, V. Luridiana Show abstract
  17. Núnez-Díaz, Manuel: "A very deep spectrophotometric mosaic of the Orion Nebula" - M. Núnez-Díaz, C. Esteban, A. Mesa-Delgado, W. Henney Show abstract
  18. O'Dell, Robert: "The Large Scale Structure of the Orion Nebula." Show abstract
  19. Olczak, Christoph: "The diverse effects of stellar interactions in the ONC" Show abstract
  20. Otulakowska-Hypka, Magdalena
  21. Peimbert, Antonio: "The implication of the Orion nebula abundances for other galactic and extragalactic H II regions" Show abstract
  22. Peimbert, Manuel: "On the derived t² values for the Orion nebula" Show abstract
  23. Petr-Gotzens, Monika: "The ONC and its binaries: more details than ever" Show abstract
  24. Różyczka, Michał: "Star and planet formation in Orion" Show abstract
  25. Rubin, Robert: "Spatial Analysis of the PAH and ionic features southeast of the Orion Bar" Show abstract
  26. Sarna, Marek
  27. Simón-Díaz, Sergio: "Chemical composition of OB type stars in Orion" Show abstract
  28. Smak, Józef
  29. Sobolev, Andrey: "Methanol Maser Associated With the Binary System Giving Birth to Strong Molecular Outflow Ori-S6" Show abstract
  30. Stasińska, Grażyna: "The early stages of Orion studies" Show abstract
  31. Szczerba, Ryszard
  32. Takahashi, Satoko: "Filament fragmentation and youngest star formation within the Orion molecular cloud" Show abstract
  33. Teixeira, Paula Stella: "What does the fragmentation scale of the OMC1 filament tell us?" Show abstract
  34. Tsamis, Yiannis: "The oxygen abundance in protoplanetary disks embedded in HII regions" Show abstract
  35. Paul van der Werf: "Orion's veil" Show abstract
  36. Zapata, Luis: "The BN-KL Star Formation Region" Show abstract