Workshop on

symbiotic stars, binary
post-AGB and related objects

Wierzba (Mazury Lakes), Poland
18-23 August, 2013


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Registered participants

  1. Angeloni, Rodolfo:
    "Symbiotic Stars in OGLE Data. Magellanic Cloud Systems" Show abstract
  2. Boffin, Henri:
    "Looking at fresh out of the oven Peculiar Red Giants" Show abstract
    "The interferometry's view on Symbiotic Stars" Show abstract
  3. Booth, Richard:
    "RS Oph as a model for the circumstellar environment of Type Ia Supernovae progenitors" Show abstract
  4. Bujarrabal, Valentin:
    "Rotating disks around binary post-AGB stars" Show abstract
  5. Corradi, Romano:
    "Surveys of the Galactic Plane" Show abstract
  6. Davis, Philip:
    "Mass Transfer and Evolution in Eccentric Binary Systems" Show abstract
  7. Drozd, Katarzyna:
    "Similarities and differences between V407 Cyg & RS Oph" [poster] Show abstract
  8. Espey, Brian:
    "Ultraviolet and far-Ultraviolet Observations of Symbiotic Binaries" Show abstract
  9. Gałan, Cezary:
    "Chemical abundances in the atmospheres of the symbiotic giants" Show abstract
  10. Gładkowski, Marcin:
    "Comparison between 30 micron post-AGB sources in different galaxies" Show abstract
  11. Gorlova, Nadya:
    "The accretion processes in post-AGB binaries" Show abstract
  12. Gromadzki, Mariusz:
    "Studies of symbiotic binaries based on publicly available data" Show abstract
  13. Hachisu, Izumi:
    "The UBV Color Evolution of Classical and Symbiotic Novae" Show abstract
  14. Hajduk, Marcin:
    "Planetary nebula Hen 2-260 and its variable central star" Show abstract
  15. He, Jinhua:
    "Observed co-evolution of CO and dust around post-AGB stars" Show abstract
  16. Hillen, Michel:
    "An interferometric study of the post-AGB binary 89 Herculis: a geometric and radiative transfer analysis of the optical and near-IR circumstellar environment" Show abstract
  17. Hinkle, Ken:
    "D-symbiotics, wind interaction, and infrared spectroscopy" Show abstract
  18. Iłkiewicz, Krystian
  19. Jones, David:
    "The formation of jets in planetary nebulae: pre-CE mass transfer" Show abstract
  20. Jorissen, Alain:
    "Algols, sdBs and PN central stars with long orbital periods: Challenging binary evolution" Show abstract
    "The morphology of circumstellar envelopes around binary AGB stars" Show abstract
    "A radial-velocity monitoring of Li-rich K giants surrounded by dust" Show abstract
  21. Jurkic, Tomislav:
    "Properties of circumstellar dust in symbiotic Miras" Show abstract
  22. Kato, Mariko:
    "Light curve models of two eclipsing symbiotic stars: SMC3 and PU Vul" Show abstract
  23. Kotnik-Karuza, Dubravka
  24. Liimets, Tiina:
    "New insights into the jet of R Aquarii" Show abstract
  25. Mampaso, Antonio:
    "New symbiotic stars in the Galactic Plane from the IPHAS Survey" [poster] Show abstract
  26. Mayer, Andreas:
    "The large-scale enviroments of binary AGB stars probed by Herschel" Show abstract
  27. Mikolajewska, Joanna:
    "On the nature of white dwarf in RS Oph" Show abstract
  28. Min, Cheulhong:
    "VERA observations of SiO masers in Symbiotic Star R Aquarii" Show abstract
  29. Miszalski, Brent:
    "Mining the sky for new Galactic and Magellanic symbiotic stars" Show abstract
  30. Mohammed, Hastyar:
    "Wind accretion in Symbiotic Binaries" Show abstract
  31. Mróz, Przemek:
    "TBD" Show abstract
  32. Otulakowska-Hypka, Magdalena:
    "The latest look at the symbiotic star RW Hydrae" Show abstract
  33. Pavlenko, Yakiv:
    "Modelling of spectra of post-AGB of late spectral classes and related objects." Show abstract
  34. Podsiadlowski, Philipp:
    "TBD" Show abstract
  35. Ragan, Elzbieta:
    "Similarities and differences between V407 Cyg & RS Oph" [poster] Show abstract
  36. Schmidt, Mirek:
    "Circumstellar C2 in carbon-rich post-AGB star IRAS22272+5435" Show abstract
  37. Siess, Lionel:
    "Critically rotating Algols" Show abstract
  38. Sion, Edward:
    "Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Analyses of the Hot Components of Six Symbiotic Variables" Show abstract
  39. Siódmiak, Natasza:
    "TBD" Show abstract
  40. Siviero, Alessandro:
    "A new multi-epoch spectrophotometric atlas of Symbiotic Stars: years 2003-2013" [poster] Show abstract
  41. Stute, Matthias:
    "What can we learn from modelling jets in Symbiotic Stars" Show abstract
  42. Szczerba, Ryszard:
    "Search for Disks in Binary Systems with White Dwarf" Show abstract
  43. Tsvetkova, Tatiana
  44. Tylenda, Romek
  45. Van Winckel, Hans:
    "A survey of Post-AGB binaries in the LMC and SMC" Show abstract