Workshop on

symbiotic stars, binary
post-AGB and related objects

Wierzba (Mazury Lakes), Poland
18-23 August, 2013


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The workshop will take place in a resort of the Polish Academy of Science in the Mazury Lakes region which is located 220 km from Warsaw.

The nearest international airport is located in Warsaw, and the easiest way to reach Wierzba is by bus or car. There is regular bus service between Warsaw (Warszawa Zachodnia) and Ruciane-Nida (about 10 km from Wierzba); see e.g.

for details. There is frequent city train service between F. Chopin (Okecie) airport and the bus station (Warszawa Zachodnia). Alternatively, you can take a taxi.

The nearest railway station is also in Ruciane-Nida, the journey is however much longer and more complicated than by car/bus. The only way to reach Wierzba from Ruciane Nida is a taxi.

There will be the conference bus from Warsaw to Wierzba leaving from the N. Copernicus Center on Sunday afternoon, and return to Warsaw (with stops at the Okecie airport and Copernicus Center) on Saturday morning (details will be announced during the meeting). The N. Copernicus Center will be open for the workshop participants on Sunday 18 August. In particular, it will be possible to drop your luggage there if you arrive early before the bus departure. The bus will be leaving on 3 p.m. from the Copernicus Center (ul. Bartycka 18). Those who are interested in the conference bus, and have not yet send us their arrival and departure details (flight, time) are requested to do it as soon as possible.

The distance from Warsaw Chopin (Okecie) Airport to the N. Copernicus Astronomical Center is approx. 10 km. The best way to get from the Airport to NCAC is by taxi. At the airport take a taxi from those waiting outside the arrival hall (they must have a name of the taxi company and a phone number). We recommend SUPER TAXI which can be found at the TAXI stop next to the exit from the ARRIVAL TERMINAL A, or contact the people at the SUPER TAXI Stand at the ARRIVAL TERMINAL A. They accept VISA and most other credit cards. DO NOT ACCEPT any offers from people inside the arrival hall. Taxi will take 20-30 min and should cost about 30-50 PLN (1 Euro is about 4.2 PLN).

Additional information on how to get to NCAC can be found here: