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If you use RaveSpan (or a part of it) and publish your results, please cite:

You can also consider citing some of the following papers as examples of the use of the code:

If you use the provided template spectra library ('slib_coelho05.tgz') , please also cite the following paper:

Full example of a citation:

"Radial velocities are measured using the [Broadening Function] method implemented in the RaveSpan code written by B. Pilecki (see Appendix in Pilecki et al. 2017b) with template spectra taken from the synthetic spectra library of Coelho et al. (2005). [Preliminary] Orbital solutions are obtained using the same program. [The examples of the application of the RaveSpan code can be found in Pilecki et al. (2013 and/or 2015 and/or 2018).]"