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# - create python library directory somewhere,
#   eg. /data/pylib or /home/user/pylib
# - change 'pylibdir' below accordingly and run this file ('makelib')
# - or run: makelib ~/my_pylib
# - if 'bindir' is set it will install the program to your bin dir
# - check if automatically updated python library path in 'rvspec' executable is ok
# - copy 'work' directory wherever you want (this will be your working directory)
# - change directory to there (cd /some/path/work)
# - if you downloaded it, move extracted 'slib' directory to your working directory
# - run 'rvspec' inside your working directory (/home/user/work# rvspec)


python 2.7.x
python-matplotlib (≥1.5.0)
numpy (≥1.11.0)
scipy (≥0.16.0)
PyQt4 (4.x.x)

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