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Data from PISCES papers

The final data products from the PISCES papers (tables, light curves, finder charts, etc.) are made available at the time of the paper's submission to a journal. The data can be accessed in the following ways:

[ map of Antarctic from an early XXth century german school atlas ]
Download data by paper, via ftp:
> I. Discovery of 47 Low-Amplitude Variables in the Metal-Rich Cluster NGC 6791 with Millimagnitude Image Subtraction Photometry
> II. Discovery of 57 Low-Amplitude Variables in the Cluster NGC 2158 with Millimagnitude Image Subtraction Photometry
> III. A search for transiting planets in the metal-rich open cluster NGC 6791.
> IV. A detection of a possible transiting planet candidate in the open cluster NGC 2158.
> V. Search for planets and identification of 18 new variable stars in the old open cluster NGC 188.

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> NGC 6791
> NGC 2158
> NGC 188
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