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Data for NGC 188

For this cluster the variable star data from the following papers is available for download:

[ NGC 188 ]
V. Search for planets and identification of 18 new variable stars in the old open cluster NGC 188.

Currently, three methods for downloading variable star data are available:
1. Download tar gzipped data for all variables:
VR light curves (V) (63 KB, ASCII format)
finder charts (V) (137 KB, GIF format)
data table (V) (3 KB, ASCII format)
2.Find information for variables selected from a cluster map.
Please click here to view the map of the cluster.
3.Find information for variables listed in the tables.
Please select the type of variability:
Eclipsing Binaries: Paper V,
Other Periodic Variables: Paper V,
Miscellaneous Variables Paper V,

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