Accretion flow instabilities:

30 years of the thermal-viscous disc instability model

3rd NCAC Symposium
Warsaw, Poland, 4-7 September 2012



Registered participants

  1. Abolmasov, Pavel: "Microlensing evidence for supercritical accretion in quasars" - P. Abolmasov and N. I. Shakura [poster] Show abstract
  2. Abramowicz, Marek
  3. Antonyuk, Oksana: "Peculiarity of the outburst activity of the SU UMa dwarf novae V 1504 Cyg and NY Ser over several supercycles" [poster] Show abstract
  4. Bagińska, Patrycja: "Testing accretion disc instabilities in X-ray binaries" [poster] Show abstract
  5. Balman, Solen: "X-ray Observations of Dwarf Novae in quiescence and outburst" Show abstract
  6. Barret, Didier: "Future X-ray observatories in the European context" Show abstract
  7. Bąkowska, Karolina: "November 2010 superoutburst of HT Cas" [poster] Show abstract
  8. Blaes, Omer: "MRI Simulations and the Thermal-Viscous Instability" Show abstract
  9. Cannizzo, John: "The Thermal-Viscous Limit Cycle Model in Dwarf Novae" Show abstract
  10. Chashkina, Anna: "Black hole spin evolution in different accretion regimes" [poster] Show abstract
  11. Ciesielski, Adam
  12. Czerny, Bożena
  13. Godet, Olivier: "Constraining the accretion flow evolution around the best intermediate mass black hole candidate HLX-1 in the galaxy ESO 243-49" Show abstract
  14. Hameury, Jean-Marie
  15. Hryniewicz, Krzysztof: "Accretion disk in a weak emission lines quasar" [poster] Show abstract
  16. Jamrozy, Marek: "Recurrent activity in extragalactic radio sources" Show abstract
  17. Janiuk, Agnieszka: "Radiation pressure instability in the accreting black hole systems" Show abstract
  18. Katysheva, Natalia: "PR Her - a new cataclysmic variable of a WZ Sge-type" [poster] - S.Yu. Shugarov, N.A. Katysheva Show abstract
  19. King, Andrew: "Disc instability in soft X-ray transients" Show abstract
  20. Kluźniak, Włodzimierz "Thermal stability of accretion disks with delayed heating" Show abstract
  21. Knigge, Christian: "Disc stability vs. close binary evolution" Show abstract
  22. Kotko, Iwona
  23. Krzemiński, Wojciech
  24. Kunert-Bajraszewska, Magdalena "Intermittent activity of radio-loud BAL quasar 1045+352" Show abstract
  25. Lasota-Hirszowicz, Jean-Pierre
  26. Malanchev, Konstantin: "Non-stationary disk accretion in Soft X-ray transients" - K. Malanchev, A. Meshcheryakov, N. Shakura. Show abstract
  27. Mazur, Grzegorz
  28. Meyer, Friedrich
  29. Meyer-Hoffmeister, Emmi
  30. Mikołajewska, Joanna
  31. Nikolajuk, Marek: "Low covering factor of the BLR in weak emission-line quasars" - M. Nikolajuk and R. Walter Show abstract
  32. Ohsuga, Ken
  33. Osaki, Yoji: "A brief history of the disk instability model for the dwarf nova outburst" Show abstract
  34. Otulakowska-Hypka, Magdalena: "IX Draconis - a curious ER UMa-type dwarf nova" Show abstract
  35. Pimentel, Claiton
  36. Ramsay, Gavin: "Outbursts in AM CVn binaries" Show abstract
  37. Razdoburdin, Dmitry
  38. Różańska, Agata
  39. Różyczka, Michał
  40. Rutkowski, Artur: "Title TBD" Show abstract
  41. Sarna, Marek
  42. Sądowski, Aleksander: "Outflows and convective stability of accretion disks based on GRMHD simulations of ADAFs" Show abstract
  43. Schwarzenberg-Czerny, Aleksander
  44. Shugarov, Sergey: "PR Her - a new cataclysmic variable of a WZ Sge-type" [poster] - S.Yu. Shugarov, N.A. Katysheva Show abstract
  45. Smak, Józef: "Dwarf Nova Superoutbursts" Show abstract
  46. Steeghs, Danny: "Maping the mass flow between the two stellar components in binary systems" Show abstract
  47. Szuszkiewicz, Ewa: "Variability as a powerful diagnostic of AGN" Show abstract
  48. Tylenda, Romuald
  49. Warner, Brian: "The nature of superhumps" Show abstract
  50. Wielgus, Maciej
  51. Wynn, Graham: "Duplicating discs: simulations of accretion discs in binary stars" Show abstract
  52. Zdziarski, Andrzej
  53. Zemko, Polina: "ER UMa - Dwarf Novae persistently switching from positive to negative superhumps" Show abstract
    and "Accretion disk radii calculations for WZ Sge-type Dwarf Nova in Pegasus" [poster] Show abstract
  54. Zhuravlev, Viacheslav "Optimal transient growth in keplerian discs via variational technique" - V. Zhuravlev and D. Razdoburdin Show abstract
  55. Ziółkowski, Janusz
  56. Zola, Stanisław: "Dependence of the central engine in FRII-type radio quasars on their optical variability" [poster] - S. Zola, A. Kuzmicz, M. Jamrozy, M. Winiarski, D. Koziel-Wierzbowska, W. Ogloza, M. Drozdz, M. Siwak and D. Jableka Show abstract
  57. Życki, Piotr