So far, please use where you read but soon in few days we will move to user.

The purpose of

Every user at CAMK can request a webpage at http[s]:// It is indented for static pages and very simple php pages.

Access of files

Every user page is accessible for everybody by default. If you need any password-based access or client based access please use any php-based solutions. Temporarily .httacess will be honoured using external tools but it will be switched off. Probably, if you really need a password and other things that .htaccess might provide, you need specialized page

Uploading files

There is no longer /Vol/share/ resource. It was not secure. It wasn't suitable for current network topology

All files are accessible via ssh and you can use either ssh, scp, sftp or rsync

Assuming that your user name is jim, you can upload your code using one of:

Code Explanation
scp file.html Direct copying
sftp Interactive sftp program. There are many implementation including those with graphic interface for almost every operating system
rsync file.html Syncing a file or directory

The authentication and authorization is done using ssh key only. You cannot use password for that. Passwords are disabled.

Server-side scripting

Each user can run php scripts and every file with an extension .php is interpretted as php script. There is no cgi-bin scripts or mason scripts.


Apache is no longer used with, that means all files .htaccess do not work. We will try to help those who need password-based security for accessing web pages