3D PIC simulations of relativistic ABC fields


mnras481_4342.pdf (8 MB; MNRAS, 481, 4342)

NASA/ADS record 2018MNRAS.481.4342N

Preprint available at arXiv:1809.07773

Supplementary movies

Volume rendering of magnetic field and E.B, simulation k2_T5_1152P (Figure 3) (4 MB)

Magnetic fields and currents on the z=0 surface, simulation k2_T5_1152P (Figure 3) (7 MB)

Angular distribution of energetic electrons and positrons, simulation k2_T5_1152P (Figure 3) (2 MB)

Acceleration histories for individual energetic positrons, simulation k2_T6_1152P (Figure 10) (6 MB)

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