Kick Off Workshop of the ET Observational Science Board

The Einstein Telescope Gravitational Wave Observatory has recently reached an important milestone; it has been included in the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI). This is a starting point for the realisation of ET. The next months, years will see an increase in activities to finalize the ET technical design, to select the ET site, to further define its science as a single observatory and within a network of gravitational-wave and multi-messenger detectors, to develop and optimize the data analysis. During the last year a board, called Observational Science Board (OSB) has been structured with the goals to develop the ET science case, to build the scientific community around it, and to bring it to a scientific maturity to exploit the data taken when ET will start operation. The OSB kick-off meeting aims at presenting the organization, activities, and policy of this board, inviting participation of the community interested in ET science exploitation. The meeting will be structured remotely in two days with large space for questions and answers.

I am one of coordinators of the OSB 10 divisions (div 9: ‘‘Scientific potentials of different detector configurations, and common tools’’, see the presentation and the recording).