Last update: 2018.07.10

Broadening Function Spectral Analysis

phone: +48 (22) 32 96 107

This package contains following programs:

  • template_svd - calculate singular value decomposition (SVD) of the velocities in a template
  • bf - calculate a Broadening Function (BF)
  • gsmooth - gaussian smoothing of noisy BFs
  • fitgauss - fit Gaussian to a BF
  • fitrotgauss - fit a rotational profile convolved with Gaussian to a BF
  • fit2rotgauss - fit 2 rotational profiles convolved with Gaussian to a BF


On the mashines running Linux the C-code of individual programs may be compiled using make.


Requires GNU Scientific Library version 1.13 (Does not work with newer versions.)

The source code bf.tgz

(Update: 2010.01.15)