Presentations and posters

Most of the talks given and posters presented during the Slim Disk Workshop have been published on the workshop webpage. You may find them here:


If your talk/poster is still missing and you want to share it - send it to Olek, please.

Thank you!

The workshop is over. We thank all the participants for coming to Warsaw. We hope this week was very fruitful.


We are uploading talks and posters.

Presentations and posters available

Starting from today we post pdfs of the talks given and posters presented  during the workshop.

Let's play soccer!

and let's meet 3pm in the lobby.

General info

Slim accretion disks are characterized by accretion rates close to the Eddington limit. They are used to model active galactic nuclei, microquasars and similar sources. In the last few years there was substantial progress in understanding the astrophysical properties of slim accretion disks around black holes. However, several important problems are still unsolved. The workshop is devoted to a detailed discussion of the present status of understanding of slim accretion disks. Participation in the workshop is by invitation only.


It will be held at the Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center, Warsaw Poland on 1st - 8th July.


Mornings will be devoted to discussions, general or in small groups, and to ad hoc arranged short talks. There will be eight "official" seminars given in the afternoons (45min). On Friday July 1 (before lunch) there will be public Ph.D. defenses of two doctorates, by Odele Straub and Aleksander Sadowski. The topics of both doctorates are closely related to the slim disks. On Saturday July 2 (before lunch) three popular lectures on Microquasars will be given:

  • Observations (speaker: Chris Done),
  • Numerical Simulations (speaker: Ramesh Narayan),
  • Theory (speaker: Omer Blaes).


There will be no conference fee. There will be no proceedings. Most of the junior participants, and a few senior ones, will be accommodated at the Copernicus Center guest rooms free of charge (breakfast included). Coffee breaks and a daily lunch buffet (Swedish style) will be provided free for all participants. The conference dinner will cost no more than 40 Euro. We may cover travel expenses only for a few participants.

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