Inflows and outflows around black holes and neutron stars

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Inflows and outflows around black holes and neutron stars

NCN project 2015/18/A/ST9/00746


We propose to solve some of the main current problems of high-energy astrophysics related to inflows and outflows around black holes (BHs) and neutron stars (NSs). One of them related to inflows, and hotly disputed, concerns the nature and the geometry of X-ray sources in accretion flows onto BHs. A related fundamental problem involves the values of (dimensionless) spins of accreting BHs, claimed to be close to unity in many objects. Regarding outflows, we propose to compare various methods to estimate the jet power, for which the few existing methods give now divergent results. In particular, we will compare the method based on radio lobes with those based on γ-ray emission and on the shift of the spatial position of the peak of radio emission with frequency (radio core). Also, we will study the ways jets in active galactic nuclei (AGNs) can produce ultra-high energy (UHE) cosmic rays and neutrinos without violating existing observational constraints. Furthermore, we propose to solve a number of other specific important problems in the fields of X-ray binaries, for the example, we plan determine the binary parameters of Cyg X-3, and to study high-energy γ-ray emission from Cyg X-1.

The main objectives of the project are

Latest Update: 02 February 2017